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How to Bake Sweet Potatoes to Perfection

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oven baked sweet potatoes

…and i mean perfection! You simply need to try this super easy slow-baked sweet potato recipe (if I can even call this a recipe).

This is my favourite way to bake sweet potatoes to keep them juicy and creamy without using aluminum foil or adding any oil. A foolproof way to get the perfect oven-baked sweet potatoes.

To make the best slow-baked sweet potatoes, just follow these simple steps:

  • Wash the sweet potatoes, but don’t peel them.
  • Put them in an oven-safe dish that you can cover.
  • Pour enough water to cover the bottom of the dish (around 5 mm when the sweet potatoes are inside), put in a pre-heated oven and bake at 175 °C.
  • You will need to bake them for 45 minutes covered, and around 30 more minutes uncovered.

If you have a bigger quantity of sweet potatoes or if they are larger in size, the baking could take slightly longer.

You will know they are done when they are nice and soft when you poke them with a fork. If not all the potatoes are touching the bottom of the dish, you can rearrange them when the baking is halfway through, to cook more evenly.

When baked like this, sweet potatoes will turn out really juicy and they’ll have a slight caramel note to their flavour that you wouldn’t get by simply boiling them on a stove.

They are perfect for many recipes that call for cooked or baked sweet potatoes, such as various spreads, purees, soups, gnocchi, sweet potato bread or salads. 

Recipes with these slow-baked sweet potatoes

That’s it, simple as usual. Hope you will find it useful! 


oven baked sweet potatoes

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