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matcha popsicles
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Matcha Popsicles

These creamy matcha popsicles are the perfect summer refreshment. They are naturally vegan, made with coconut milk and other natural ingredients, and absolutely irresistible. If you love matcha sweets, make sure you try this easy recipe and make the most delicious matcha popsicles! Ingredients for matcha popsicles To make these creamy matcha popsicles, you will…

apple crumble bars
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Apple Crumble Bars

No matter how many wildly creative cakes I whip up, my friends always come back for these simple old apple crumble bars. Their taste brings a familiar memory of mom’s or grandma’s apple pie, a sweet reminder of childhood. By popular demand, I’m finally sharing the recipe for my vegan apple crumble bars. These delicious…